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When making a photograph I place myself in a state where I visualize what the final print will look like, not just what is in front of me in the camera or with the naked eye. The entire process has to merge right there on location for the picture to work well. This is exciting and produces a sense of awe and discovery. Art moments happen all around us all the time. I am blessed and/or cursed by seeing them. I find landscape and macro work a never-ending source of inspiration and fascination. Detail has appeal. I like the infinite variety within constraints that surrounds us. When the camellias are in bloom at the Missouri Botanical Garden, I go to photograph them. Each flower is unique and every angle or view of it is exciting in its own right. When I get the angle I want and the light cooperates I get an image which gives me pleasure from the moment I open the shutter and for many years afterward hanging on the wall. Every day I see something additional in the image and remember all the pleasant associations I have with the image and the print. My life is greatly enriched!

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